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Birmingham International Removals with a family tips to consider

Moving internationally can be a complex task — particularly if you are moving abroad with your family.  Not only will you have to organise the safe delivery of your cargo, you will have to make sure the rest of your family is comfortable, happy, and ready to move into their new home.  We have compiled a few useful tips to help you successfully move internationally with your loved ones.

Tips for moving internationally with your family

Get your children excited about moving house

If you have young children, moving house can be a traumatic event.  They might be anxious about moving somewhere new or sad about saying goodbye to their friends.

Make it easier by discussing the move well before it happens.  Explain the reasons why your family is moving and describe the kinds of activities they will be able to enjoy in their new home.  Educate them about the country they are moving to get them excited about seeing new things.

Keep the entire family informed about the removals process
Keeping your family informed of the removal process will help everyone avoid any nasty surprises!  They will understand exactly how many items they can take with them and how long it will be until they see their possessions again.  Make sure your family is aware of any important dates like the final date for visa applications or the pickup date of the remover.

Keep items that are important to your family with you

We always advise clients to keep particularly important items with them during their move.  These important items include keepsakes, rare photographs, important documents, passports, prescriptions, and confidential information.  If you are moving internationally with your family, also add items that are important to each family member.  For your children, that might include a few of their favourite toys or books.

Enrol your children in their new school before you move
It is important to research and choose a school for your children well before moving.  You may have to look at multiple schools before you find one with the right culture, academic standards, and curriculum for your child.

Make sure your family has access to the medications they require
If any member of your family has a prescription for medicine, make sure you have easy access to it throughout the journey to your new home.  Don’t pack medications with the cargo being handled by the removals company in case you require them during the journey or on arrival.

Put your family to work!
Keeping your children busy can reduce the amount of anxiety they experience about the move.  Allow them to participate in the decision making process and have them pack some of their own boxes. 

Sort your paperwork and finances well in advance of moving
One of the most difficult parts of moving internationally is dealing with changes to your financial arrangements and personal documentation.  Update your financial arrangements well in advance of the move to reduce your stress levels.  The most common changes your family will have to make include:

  • Updating insurance policies
  • Obtaining new drivers licenses
  • Obtaining new bank accounts and credit cards
  • Updating your tax arrangements
  • Having the electricity, gas, phone and/or Internet connected at your new residence
  • Applying for a visa
  • Dealing with any quarantine restrictions

 Make your new house a home as soon as possible
When you arrive at your new home, concentrate on making it a comfortable space for your children as soon as possible.  Locate your children’s toys immediately and ask your children to think about how they will decorate their room.

How Can Help is a Birmingham based professional international removals company with decades of experience.  Our talented team of move coordinators and removers can make your international removal simple and stress-free!  We can make your family’s international move easier in a number of ways:

Dedicated move coordinators to work with your family

Each client is assigned a dedicated move coordinator who will guide you through the removals process.  They will clearly answer any questions that you have about the move and provide your family with useful information about the destination country.

Our international removals service is very affordable

We can help reduce the stress of moving by reducing the cost!  Because we ship such large volumes of cargo internationally each year, we can offer clients heavily discounted rates.  Our groupage service can help you save even more money!  You can use the money you save to help your family adjust to their new surroundings.

We offer a professional packing service

Families can make their international move easier by taking advantage of our professional packing service.  Not only will using this service make the move easier, it will ensure your possessions are adequately protected for the long journey.  Having experienced removers pack your possessions will also ensure your possessions are well organised.  Once you arrive at your destination, you will be able to easily find the items you require.

 To learn more about how we can help your family move internationally, contact our friendly staff !