Trident FC

Trident Football Club

Trident F.C was established in the summer of 1999 by Chris Waldron, Gary Mansfield and Lee Hemsley. Chris Waldron, a Trident employee, approached Trident for sponsorship of their new team and now, with Trident’s support, the team is up and running and playing in Division 4 of the Crawley Car Company League. Their home ground is at Rathlin Road in Broadfield, Crawley.

First Team Squad 
Chris Waldon • Darren Turrell • Steve Simper • Lee Hemsley • Gary Sweatland
Nathan Curcher • Matthew Clements • Graham Pearson • Andy Macdonald
Gary Mansfield • Ben Norris • Ben Friar • Shaun Applegate • Victor Williams
Paul Brett • Phillip Hester • Glen Ward

Manager’s – Peter Hemsley & Terry Stephens